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Women’s Voices from Bowardi Tanda

18 April 2022 – In celebration of the World Health Workers Week, HMHB released the second film in a series of short films on ‘Women’s Voices’, honoring health workers like Shakuntala, from Borwadi Tanda, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India, who support vulnerable mothers and babies. WATCH THE FILM In this poignant film, Shakuntala, a dedicated health worker, […]

New Study on Anemia Prevention- IFA vs. MMS: 60 vs 30 mg of Iron

16 March 2022 – A new study demonstrated that compared to IFA, MMS results in comparable protection against anemia during pregnancy, independently of iron dose.

HMHB Completes One Year: Watch the Highlights

10 March 2022 – Today, the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Consortium has released a video of the highlights of its first year since its launch.

Women’s Voices from Ethiopia

8 March 2022 – Today, on International Women’s Day, HMHB is pleased to release the first in a series of films on ‘Women’s Voices’.

Read the First HMHB Annual Report 2021

3 February 2021: The Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies (HMHB) Consortium has released its first-ever Annual Report for 2021.

ENN Launches Technical Brief on Women’s Nutrition

27 January 2022: The Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN) has launched a new technical briefing paper.

Read the new Formative Research Reports by UNICEF

14 December 2021 – Read the new set of formative research reports on the introduction of multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) by UNICEF.

An N4G Side Event: Powering Women – Promising Futures – Watch NOW!

30 November 2021 – A special N4G side-event, Powering Women-Promising Futures on women’s nutrition, health, and equity.

View the New World Map on MMS Activities

23 November 2021 – The Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Consortium has developed a world map depicting all activities related to multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS).

Devex Article Highlights ‘Hidden hunger and its hidden cost’

28 October 2021 – HMHB published an article in Devex on the human capital gains for MMS called Hidden Hunger and its Hidden Cost.

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