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Resources for Implementation of Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation (MMS)

The recent inclusion of a great step forward in encouraging governments and development agencies to step up and explore the feasibility and efficiency of introducing MMS through antenatal care (ANC) services, but more must be done.

To support countries in the next steps to include MMS in a national essential medicine or drug list, the HMHB Consortium secretariat and the New York Academy of Sciences developed an advocacy brief and FAQ. This brief aims to support nutrition and public health professionals to advocate for the inclusion of MMS on national EMLs in line with the Consortium’s aim of supporting members to advocate for optimal national enabling environments.

Achieving high quality and high coverage of ANC services and integrating MMS delivery through this platform will require policy change and dedicated resources to ensure all women have access to these essential services, including vulnerable and poor populations.


Programmatic Considerations to Integrate MMS into Antenatal Care

For countries considering introducing MMS within the context of ANC services, the MMS Technical Advisory Group has developed the Interim country-level decision-making guidance for introducing multiple micronutrient supplementation for pregnant women.

This document aims to provide guidance to country-level decision-makers who are interested in introducing MMS for pregnant women in ANC programs.  The guidance provided in this document is contextualized to the 2020 update to the WHO antenatal recommendations for a positive pregnancy experience, nutritional interventions update: Multiple micronutrient supplements for pregnancy.

The document identified the following 8 programmatic considerations:



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