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As a part of its Advocacy and Knowledge Brokering activities, HMHB regularly publishes blogs, Op-eds, and articles to disseminate the latest knowledge and information related to maternal nutrition and multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS). Read the blogs below to know more about MMS.

Devex Opinion:15 December 2022

Investing in the mothers of nations 

Saskia Osendarp, Ph.D., Executive Director, Micronutrient Forum and H.E. Prak Sophonneary, Secretary of State for Cambodia’s Ministry of Health and the Chair of the Cambodia MMS Steering Committee

Micronutrient Forum: 28 July 2022

HMHB Consortium Launches a New MMS Advocacy Toolkit to Accelerate National Actions and Improve Maternal Nutrition

Lotte Hulsbergen and Martin Mwangi, Ph.D., Program Lead, HMHB

Micronutrient Forum: 28 April 2022

A Big Win for Mothers Worldwide

Micronutrient Forum: 8 March 2022

Let’s Put Women First

Devex - Opinion: 28 October 2021

Hidden hunger and its hidden cost

Hema Divakar, Anna Lartey, Saskia Osendarp

SDG2 Advocacy Hub: 24 March 2021

The world’s most cost-effective health intervention is being overlooked

Saskia Osendarp, PhD, Executive Director, Micronutrient Forum

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