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Advocacy Resources

The HMHB Consortium works with partners to advocate for collective action and intentional, innovative, and systematic investment in scaling maternal nutrition interventions, specifically multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS).  National governments and their development partners need the correct information, evidence, tools, and MMS-relevant policies necessary to adopt and scale MMS as well as the financing to support maternal health programs that include MMS at the country level. Therefore, HMHB has developed a range of resources to guide and assist national partners, advocates, public health professionals, national health officials, and partners in NGOs, research, academia, program implementors, as well as local providers and distributors. 

The Advocacy Toolkit for MMS consists of an adaptable slide deckan advocacy brief, a frequently asked questions brief,  and an HMHB Consortium factsheet. The toolkit summarizes evidence on pregnancy and nutrition, the scale and scope of maternal malnutrition, research on MMS, a national investment case, steps for introducing and scaling MMS, and finally, a case study performed in Indonesia.  It is available in French, Spanish, and Arabic. Other resources include five, unique, short films, called ‘Women’s Voices‘ that lift up women’s voices in different global contexts, an advocacy brief and frequently asked questions on the inclusion of MMS in WHO’s EML, various articles, blogs, and op-eds, and recordings of webinars lifting up women’s nutrition, health, and equity issues during global moments.

Adaptable MMS Advocacy Slide Deck

These adaptable slides are a resource for anyone wanting to communicate the evidence and benefits of MMS for pregnant women and their babies. They contain key messages that can be delivered to decision-makers or to those considering piloting, scaling, and implementing MMS. It is divided into five modules.

MMS Advocacy Brief

This Advocacy Brief is meant to equip champions and decision-makers to advocate for safe, affordable, and cost-effective nutrition interventions, particularly multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS) to improve maternal health.

Antenatal MMS: One of the best bets for global development

This Advocacy Brief  describes the case for nutrition resilience of mothers and their babies, particularly the in implementation and scale up access to proven solutions, like antenatal MMS.


HMHB Fact Sheet

This fact sheet provides a complete introduction to the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Consortium (HMHB) – its origin, activities, and future direction.

Coffee and Chai Chat on the Advocacy Toolkit for MMS

12 July 2022 | Dr. Ouassa Sanogo, Deputy Country Director, Helen Keller International, Mali, Dr. Tanuja Rastogi, Director of Advocacy and Communications and Dr. Martin Mwangi, Program Lead, HMHB

Women’s Voices from Ethiopia

This film tells the story of Agurash from Habru, Ethiopia, a woman in the third trimester of her pregnancy. She shares her challenges in accessing healthy food and the nutrition services she needs for herself and her unborn child.


Devex Opinion: Investing in the mothers of nations 

15 December 2022 | Saskia Osendarp, Ph.D., Executive Director, Micronutrient Forum and H.E. Prak Sophonneary, Secretary of State for Cambodia’s Ministry of Health and the Chair of the Cambodia MMS Steering Committee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Brief on MMS

This FAQ brief addresses frequently asked questions on multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) such as the need, benefits, composition, and guidance on MMS.