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Mission & Objectives

The HMHB Consortium’s mission is to improve maternal nutrition through collective action by Consortium members to accelerate availability and effective use of MMS in low- and middle-income countries.

Implementing MMS provides an opportunity to better integrate nutritional interventions into antenatal care more broadly as well as catalyze additional delivery improvements. A transition from iron-folic acid (IFA ) to MMS will require focus and collective action from stakeholders across the globe, and it will result in real, multi-generational, much-needed impacts.

To guide the collective action of all stakeholders, a Strategic Framework outlines the Consortium’s role and responsibilities, vision, mission, and priorities. Stakeholders and prospective members are invited to review this document and share their thoughts with the HMHB Secretariat.


  • Align stakeholders’ approaches and activities around a common strategy and roadmap for collective action toward introduction and scaling of MMS for pregnant women in LMICs
  • Initiate, accelerate, and/or amplify efforts that raise-awareness to MMS, build consensus for introduction of MMS, and generally advocate for MMS policy and program adoption through global/regional and national advocacy initiatives
  • Facilitate dialogue and create consensus on emerging issues impeding the MMS agenda, by convening technical expert meetings and discussing and disseminating available information and evidence
  • Capture and share existing and new knowledge related to MMS evidence, tools, guidance, lessons learned and other resources through a dynamic, publicly accessible MMS repository, and via publications, conferences, webinars and other on-demand content, targeting HMHB Consortium members, and other global and national stakeholders, decision-makers, implementers and experts in related areas

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