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HMHB Africa Regional Meeting Report

The HMHB Africa Regional Meeting Report provides an overview of the three-day meeting, co-organized by HMHB, united diverse stakeholders from the African Union Commission (AUC), national governments, and other organizations in Ethiopia in July of 2023. The goal was to identify new actions and recommendations for maternal nutrition policies and programs in Africa, with a specific focus on the challenges and opportunities of introducing MMS in the context of antenatal care (ANC) services to support maternal health and nutrition.

HMHB Annual Report 2022

The HMHB Annual Report 2022 summarizes HMHB’s key activities and achievements in 2022 using the “A-B-C Approach” – Advocacy, Brokering Knowledge, and Convening. It also highlights the progress of partners from the Healthy Mothers Healthy Goalkeepers Accelerator. Finally, the report outlines. It also throws light on the way forward, particularly towards engaging national partners in the Asian and African regions in scaling up multiple micronutrient supplementation.

HMHB Annual Report 2021

The HMHB Annual Report 2021 provides a brief introduction of the Consortium, its origin, vision, and mission and highlights its achievements under three key ‘A-B-C’ actions: Advocacy, Brokering Knowledge, and Convening in the context of its priorities for 2021. It also mentions the achievements of the 11 Partners from the Healthy Mothers Healthy Goalkeepers Accelerator, from which HMHB originated. Finally, the report outlines HMHB’s vision for 2022, which focuses on supporting countries in national-level advocacy, in alignment with its commitment at the Nutrition for Growth Summit in December 2021.

HMHB 2021 Highlights Video

A short video showcasing the achievements of HMHB Consortium members

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