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Join our collective action for maternal nutrition

Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies (HMHB) provides an inclusive, collaborative and comprehensive platform for multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS) advocates to shape and drive a shared agenda for MMS implementation, adoption, and adherence.

We are stronger and smarter together. Collective action will not replace an organization’s or individual’s effort or agenda but will leverage and optimize goals and actions of each member and stakeholder. We invite organizations and individuals active in maternal nutrition and MMS to JOIN the Consortium as a member.

Organizations that are not able to join as members are given the option to join as observers. As such they can participate in Consortium meetings. Only members will have the possibility to review key documents and nominate new Steering Committee members.




Help shape and drive the MMS agenda and find support for your work.

  • Connect with a community of global, regional, and national MMS advocates and stakeholders.
  • Share your results, lessons, and experience to amplify impact.
  • Benefit from real-time insights, data, and dialogue.
  • Strengthen your network and skills for MMS action.

Application to the HMHB Consortium is a 3-step Process

  1. Participants complete an online application form
  2. The Secretariat processes the application
  3. The Steering Committee makes a final determination as to whether to accept the applicant as a member or an observer

The Secretariat’s assessment aims to ascertain whether the applicant fulfills basic eligibility criteria and completes a risk assessment.

Prior to filling in the Application Form, please read the Membership Engagement Policy carefully and take a close look at the HMHB Branding Guidelines. The Membership Engagement Policy describes the benefits and responsibilities of members and observers and the Principles of Engagement, to which members are asked to commit.

Organizational Membership/Observer Application Form

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Individual Membership Application Form

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