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How HMHB is Organized

The strength of the HMHB Consortium lies in its members and stakeholders, and in its capacity to harness their collective knowledge, expertise, and action in order to reach our common goals

The HMHB Consortium consists of organizations and individuals who wish to contribute to the collective action and joint agenda of HMHB and play a direct or indirect role in improving maternal nutrition and advancing MMS public health demand, supply, or delivery, through the application of skills, experience, and expertise.

An HMHB Steering Committee lays out the strategic direction of the Consortium and provides guidance and advice to the Secretariat. The HMHB Steering Committee consists of experts from cross-discipline and cross-sector interests.

The Consortium is supported by a Secretariat hosted by the Micronutrient Forum.

The organizational structure and governance are described in the HMHB Governance document.

The strength of the HMHB Consortium lies in its members, and in its capacity to harness the collective knowledge, expertise and action of all HMHB stakeholders.
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