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New Release: The HMHB 2022 Annual Report!

2 June 2023 – The HMHB 2022 Annual Report was released today. The report summarizes HMHB’s key activities and achievements in 2022 using the “A-B-C Approach” – Advocacy, Brokering Knowledge, and Convening. The report focuses on how HMHB engaged and supported national actors and expanded its reach in line with its Nutrition for Growth 2021 commitment. It also highlights the progress of partners from the Healthy Mothers Healthy Goalkeepers Accelerator. Finally, the report throws light on the way forward, particularly towards engaging national partners in the Asian and African regions in scaling up multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS).

Read the HMHB 2022 Annual Report

Key highlights of the report include the development and dissemination of the Advocacy Toolkit for MMS to support national actors, the first-ever in-person regional meeting in Indonesia to kickstart national actions in the Asian region, and the release of the Women’s Voices Film series to build awareness on women’s nutrition challenges. The report also mentions various online and in-person symposia organized by HMHB to disseminate information and evidence on MMS as well as new partnerships that were forged in 2022 to expand its reach for greater impact.

The Consortium is particularly grateful to Kirk Humanitarian (KH), whose generous contributions facilitated its establishment. In addition, HMHB appreciates the invaluable support of the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) and the Vitamin Angels Alliance (VA) in advancing its mission in 2022.