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Tackling Adolescent Iron-Deficiency Anaemia in Low-and Middle-Income Countries

Although anaemia has been recognized as a public health problem for many years, the global prevalence of anaemia in adolescent girls remains unacceptably high. Urgent interventions to reduce the risks that anaemia poses among this critical age group are required. This technical brief by World Vision International presents recommendations to decrease adolescent girls’ anaemia, from consumption of foods rich in iron, to ending child marriages, delaying age of first pregnancy, and use of multiple micronutrient supplements. The brief identifies more strategic opportunities countries can leverage including transition from IFAS to MMS and leveraging school meals to provide adolescent girls with nutritious diets, among others, with a call to action for researchers and policy makers to contextualize and align interventions to adolescent girls’ priorities and needs.

World Vision International World Vision International October 2023
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