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Maternal Nutrition in Emergencies. Summary of the state of play and key gaps

This report includes a technical background paper and a meeting report. The background paper identified a number of gaps in the area of maternal nutrition in emergencies and formed the basis for discussions at the technical roundtable meeting. The review summarised the available literature relating to: women’s particular nutritional vulnerabilities, what the implications of these are for women and their infants, current international guidance on maternal nutrition and what is currently being done in emergency programming. A series of key gaps were highlighted as a result. The meeting report provides an overview of the discussions held at the roundtable of the main issues, gaps and recommendations. The aim of the round table was to discuss the evidence, current practice and issues related to maternal nutrition in emergencies, as illustrated in the background paper, and to suggest priority actions and initiatives required to address these gaps and challenges.

Emergency Nutrition Network Tanya Khara and Emily Mates November 2013
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