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Feasibility of delivering vitamin A supplementation (VAS) and deworming through routine community health services in Siaya County, Kenya

Vitamin A deficiency and soil-transmitted helminth infection are serious public health problems in Kenya. The coverage of vitamin A supplementation and deworming medication (VASD) provided through mass campaigns is generally high, yet with a cost that is not sustainable, while coverage offered through routine health services is low. Alternative strategies are needed that achieve the recommended coverage of >80% of children twice annually and can be managed by health systems with limited resources. This study was undertaken from September to December 2021 to compare the feasibility and coverage of VASD locally delivered by community health volunteers (CHV) (“intervention arm”) to that achieved by the bi-annual Malezi Bora campaign event (“control arm”). This comparative cross-sectional study was conducted in sub-counties of Siaya County using both qualitative and quantitative methods. VASD were offered through the CHS in Alego Usonga and through Malezi Bora in Bondo Sub-County. With sufficient training and oversight, CHV can achieve superior coverage to campaigns.

Wiley Ochola et al. January 2024
  • East and Southern Africa
  • Research
  • Case study