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Effect of Maternal Multiple Micronutrient vs Iron–Folic Acid Supplementation on Infant Mortality and Adverse Birth Outcomes in Rural Bangladesh The JiVitA-3 Randomized Trial

This study assessed the effects of antenatal multiple micronutrients vs iron-folic acid (IFA) supplementation on 6-month infant mortality and adverse birth outcomes in Bangladesh. Women were provided supplements containing 15 micronutrients or IFA alone, taken daily from early pregnancy to 12 weeks postpartum. Results showed that antenatal multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) compared with IFA supplementation did not reduce all-cause infant mortality to age 6 months but resulted in a non–statistically significant reduction in stillbirths and significant reductions in preterm births and low birth weight.

Journal of American Medical Association West et al. December 2014
  • South Asia
  • Research
  • Scientific publication