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Acceptability of multiple micronutrient supplements by pregnant and lactating women in Mali

This study assessed pregnant women’s acceptability of and adherence to a daily multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS) scheme compared with the current daily iron and folic acid (IFA) supplementation scheme in Mali. Women’s perceptions about supplement size, colour, taste or flavour in both groups were similar. Adherence to the MMS scheme was better compared to the IFA supplementation scheme, though both were good, as were women’s perceptions about the benefits of micronutrient supplements to their health and that of their newborns. Thus, Malian women were found to adhere to prenatal/postpartum micronutrient supplementation when access to supplements was guaranteed and when they were provided with minimum, consistent and easily understandable information and counselling, indicating that these are key elements to ensure effective programmes.

Public Health Nutrition Aguayo January 2007
  • West and Central Africa
  • Implementation
  • Scientific publication