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HMHB Advocacy Agenda Workshop March 31, 2021


We invite you, prospective HMHB Consortium members, to our first workshop webinar to co-create a shared vision for 2021: the UN Year of Action on Nutrition. This catalytic year offers an opportunity to put longer term equity for multiple micronutrient supplementation on the nutrition agenda, culminating in a pledging moment at the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit.

By 2030 we would like to see:

  • Equitable access to multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS) – every woman everywhere has access to MMS during her pregnancy.
  • Sustainable supply of affordable and high-quality MMS by governments and the private sector.


You are active advocates yourselves and this webinar is a chance to hear from you, working together to co-create the 2021 MMS Advocacy Agenda.

  • What commitments and opportunities would you like to see actualised for MMS in 2021?
  • What are the expected challenges in meeting these commitments?
  • How can HMHB support you in advocating for these aims?


A short plenary introduction session will offer a chance to reflect on diverse perspectives to better understand pathways towards a shared vision. This will be followed by two breakout groups.

BREAKOUT DISCUSSION 1:  Policy, program, and financial commitments for MMS at Tokyo’s Nutrition for Growth

BREAKOUT DISCUSSION 2:  Engagement and joint action with the maternal health sector regarding integration of MMS in antenatal care.

Workshop pre-reads will be sent four days in advance of the meeting. Spaces for this workshop are limited and we may have to limit the number of participants from one organization, if interest exceeds places available. We will do our best to assign participants to their preferred breakout session but not everyone will get their first choice. Thank you for your understanding.