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Check Out the New HMHB Knowledge Hub

7 July 2021 –  The HMHB Consortium is pleased to present its newly developed Knowledge Hub on this website here. It is a repository of existing knowledge on women’s nutrition, maternal nutrition, and evidence-based interventions targeting women, such as Multiple Micronutrient Supplements (MMS).

About the Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub includes scientific articles, reports, tools, case studies, policy briefs, and other documents related to evidence on nutrition interventions, advocacy, policy development, implementation, and scale-up. All documents have been categorized by Topic, Type of Document, Format, and Geography- country or region to which they are applicable. The link to the original source as well as a brief summary with details of the document are provided for each document. Key search words have been included to enable users to search for documents of their interest. Currently, we have about 80 documents in the Hub, and we will be actively working on expanding the content.

Share Material for the Hub

If you have any suggestions to include material in the Knowledge Hub, please write to the HMHB Secretariat at [email protected].