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17 May Webinar: One of the best bets for development – Micronutrients!

11 May 2023 – The Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Consortium along with the Micronutrient Forum and the Copenhagen Consensus Center are pleased to present a webinar, One of the best bets for development – Micronutrients! A conversation with leaders and experts on the new 2023 Copenhagen Consensus Report on 17 May 2023, 9 AM ET | 3 PM CET | 6:30 PM IST.



The Copenhagen Consensus Center has named Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation (MMS) as one of the top 12 investments in development. The research shows that replacing iron-folic acid (IFA) supplements with MMS for pregnant women would give an economic return of $37 for every $1 invested. MMS have been demonstrated to reduce the likelihood of stillbirths, pre-term births, and babies being born with low birth weight. Healthy babies go farther in school and earn more income. This simple change could result in a total annual benefit of over US $3.1 billion while improving the health and well-being of 36 million pregnant women and their babies each year.

In the webinar, the report’s lead author, John Hoddinott, H.E. Babcock Professor of Food and Nutrition Economics and Policy, Cornell University will discuss the findings 2023 Copenhagen Consensus Report. He will be joined by global experts such as Meera Shekar, Global Nutrition Lead, World Bank, Alok Ranjan, Director of Programmes and Investments, Power of Nutrition, Francis Zotor, Vice-President, International Union of Nutritional Sciences, University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ghana, Luz B. Tagunicar, Supervising Health Program Officer of the Disease Prevention and Control Bureau of the Department of Health, Philippines, Kimberly Cernak, Managing Director, Eleanor Crook Foundation and Martin Mwangi, HMHB Program Lead. They will discuss the investment case for nutrition interventions such as MMS and their potential to transform the lives of millions of vulnerable mothers and babies worldwide.