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Outline of Thailand

Exploration phase to build an MMS enabling environment

The Department of Health (DOH) in Thailand is considering a transition from IFA to MMS. In 2022, Mahidol University, supported by Vitamin Angels, conducted a landscape analysis to map the context and extent of readiness for implementing an MMS intervention as part of antenatal care services in the country, and make recommendations about how to best make investments in order to effectively introduce and scale MMS in the country. Based on the findings and recommendations, a Technical Advisory Group has been created with key influencers and decision makers from the DOH, as well as academic experts from the country to drive the MMS roadmap activities. Stakeholders have identified a need for implementation research to identify effective strategies for improving MMS uptake and adherence. Alongside this effort, there is a need for advocacy with the DOH to update national guidelines to include MMS and to add MMS to the national essential medicine list.

  • Start Date: April 2021
  • End Date: ongoing

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