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Outline of Haiti

Initial implementation supported by implementation research

The Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP), in partnership with Haitian Health Foundation (HHF), Vitamin Angels (VA), and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (BSPH), initiated an implementation research study in 2019 to inform the introduction of MMS in Haiti. The formative research phase explored the barriers and enablers to antenatal care and supplement use. The findings have been used to develop an implementation strategy to deliver MMS through the existing system. The project will implement MMS through the existing MSPP and HHF services using a social behavior change (SBC) strategy to improve MMS counselling. Key elements of the strategy include service quality improvement through training for health care providers, community health workers, and supervisors on effective MMS counselling, MMS education materials (e.g., poster, brochure), and encouraging social support for women through engaging their partners.

  • Regions (Provinces/Districts): 51 communes
  • Start Date: 2008
  • End Date: ongoing

National partners

35 program partner organizations that include civil society/grassroots organizations, clinics, hospitals, and provincial governments are supporting national partners in MMS activities