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Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Outline of Democratic Republic of the Congo

Initial implementation supported by implementation research

The Government of DRC currently recommends and promotes pregnant women taking iron or MMS for at least 90 days during pregnancy to prevent anemia and other complications. Despite this, maternal anemia remains high (38%), and is primarily caused by iron deficiency in pregnant women and women of childbearing age. To better understand how to deliver MMS most effectively within the system, Vitamin Angels conducted a landscape analysis in 2021. This assessment included a review of existing literature on health and nutrition indicators in the country, a mapping of key nutrition policies and programs, and interviews with stakeholders to help understand the barriers and opportunities related to introducing a new intervention within the context of ANC services and programs. Following an official MMS launch event, there was consensus among stakeholders to revise the National Maternal Health and Nutrition Guidelines to include MMS as part of standard ANC services and to develop a plan to strengthen ANC delivery in order to ensure high MMS uptake and adherence. To help coordinate these actions, there was a call to form a working group comprised of international development agencies, government, academia, and more.

  • Regions (Provinces/Districts): 14 Provinces
  • Start Date: 2018
  • End Date: ongoing

National partners

86 program partner organizations are supporting MMS related activities