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Women’s Voices from Mumbai

28 May 2022 – On 28 May, World Hunger Day, HMHB released the third film in the Women’s Voices series. This film brings the stories of Shabana and Parveen from Mumbai, India, and their struggle to make ends meet and provide for themselves and their unborn baby.


Millions of vulnerable pregnant women go hungry, compromising their own and their newborn’s health, especially in low and middle-income countries. Shabana and Parveen are two such women, living in Mumbai, who work outside and inside their homes to provide for their families despite being heavily pregnant. They lack access to adequate food and nutrition, as well as health and nutrition services. However, with the support of frontline health workers, they are able to receive education and support to have healthy pregnancy experiences. 

These films help the global development community understand the lived experience of vulnerable women so that maternal nutrition interventions and support to healthcare workers can be prioritized in the global health agenda.