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View the New World Map on MMS Activities

23 November 2021 – The Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Consortium has developed a world map depicting all activities related to multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS). This interactive map summarizes the situation related to impact studies, implementation research, demonstration pilots, cost-benefit analyses, and scaling up activities at the country level by various partners. The map is available for viewing here will be regularly updated based on new information received from partners.


Description of the Map

A summary of MMS-related activities is visible for each country on the map. More detailed information is available on the individual country pages such as the national and international partners working in that country as well as links to resources pertaining to that country that are hosted on the Knowledge Hub. The country pages can be accessed either by clicking on the country on the map or by clicking on the country’s name in the list below the map. Each country is colored according to the type of MMS-related activity taking place in that country, which is depicted in the legend. The total estimated number of women targeted by MMS is also indicated on the map.

Classification of Countries by type MMS-Related Activities

The map classifies countries into four categories in which category 1 indicates countries where an MMS impact study has taken place, but where (exploration of) MMS introduction is not yet happening. Categories 2 to 4 are consecutive implementation phases, with Category 2 including countries that are taking a first exploratory step to build the enabling environment, Category 3 including countries where initial implementation has started, and Category 4, the final step to scale-up delivery to the population of pregnant women with poor diets, high maternal undernutrition and high risk for babies born with low-birthweight or being small-for-gestational-age, or stillbirths. In case an MMS impact study has taken place in countries of categories 2-4, this will be referenced on the country page. This map is expected to be a useful tool, especially for policy-makers and implementors at the country level in scaling up MMS.