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Read the new Formative Research Reports by UNICEF

14 December 2021 – A new set of formative research reports on the introduction of multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) have been released by UNICEF for Bangladesh, Tanzania, Burkina Faso & Madagascar. These formative studies were conducted in collaboration with Sight and Life, Pennsylvania State University, and national partners.

MMS is an efficacious and cost-effective prenatal supplement with the potential to improve maternal nutrition and birth outcomes in settings where local diets are not sufficient for meeting nutrient needs during pregnancy. Despite its potential for optimizing health and nutrition, MMS is a novel product in these countries and thus careful introduction is needed. These reports present formative findings in support of the governments of these countries and in-country partners to introduce multiple-micronutrient supplements (MMS) through pilot projects.

These reports are available in the Knowledge Hub for the following countries- Bangladesh, TanzaniaMadagascar & Burkina Faso in English and French.