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MMS-TAG Releases Interim Country-level Decision-making Guidance for Introducing MMS for Pregnant Women

1 December 2020 – The Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation Technical Advisory Group (MMS-TAG) has issued new guidance that will support country-level decision making for introducing MMS for pregnant women. This guidance complements the recent 2020 World Health Organization antenatal care recommendations for a positive pregnancy experience. Nutritional interventions update: Multiple micronutrient supplements during pregnancy.

The guidance aims to provide guidance to country-level decision makers who are interested in introducing MMS for pregnant women in ANC programs.

The MMS-TAG concludes that MMS is a safe, cost-effective intervention that holds significant potential to improve women’s nutrition and wellbeing, as well as their offspring. Such a commitment to introduce MMS holds the promise of accelerating country- and global-level progress towards the prevention of maternal anemia, low birthweight, stunting and wasting in children and the achievement of the related Sustainable Development Goal targets. Over the coming years, the implementation of MMS is essential to broaden the evidence base and help inform future programs and guidelines.