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Vitamin Angels Prenatal Vitamins Resources for Program Partners

Vitamin Angels has created resources for Program Partners to use when educating service providers, stakeholders, and beneficiaries about the benefits of prenatal multivitamins or multiple micronutrients supplements (MMS) and how to best distribute them. Resources include instruction sheets, posters and brochures aimed at beneficiaries, factsheets and FAQ for service providers and are available in English, French, Spanish and other languages. The instruction sheets provide a basic overview of the benefits of vitamin A supplements, deworming, and prenatal multivitamins with visual cues for dosing instructions. The posters are designed to be displayed at distribution sites to provide caregivers and families with nutrition information. The brochure for beneficiaries outlines the importance of good nutrition during pregnancy. It also provides a calendar to help women keep track of taking their daily multivitamin. The fact sheet summarizes the research on multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) for pregnant women as well as addresses frequently asked questions for potential program partners.  The FAQ sheet is meant to counsel pregnant women during antenatal care and to guide the program.


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