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Newborn micronutrient status biomarkers in a cluster-randomized trial of antenatal multiple micronutrient compared with iron folic acid supplementation in rural Bangladesh

This double-blinded, cluster-randomized trial compared the effects of antenatal iron-folic acid (IFA) and multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS) on the micronutrient status of newborns in rural Bangladesh. MMS increased newborn ferritin, 25(OH)D, and zinc, while maternal and newborn folate, vitamins B-12, D, and E, zinc, and iodine biomarkers were positively related. Despite the limited effects of MMS, better maternal micronutrient status was associated with improved micronutrient status of Bangladeshi newborns.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Schulze et al. August 2020
  • South Asia
  • Research
  • Scientific publication