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Maternal multiple micronutrient supplementation and other biomedical and socioenvironmental influences on children’s cognition at age 9–12 years in Indonesia: follow-up of the SUMMIT randomised trial

This study examined the effects on the cognitive development of children aged 9-12 years in Indonesia whose mothers were either given multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS) or iron folic acid (IFA). Children of mothers given MMS had better procedural memory than those given IFA and children of anaemic mothers who were given MMS had better general intellectual ability compared to those given IFA. This supports the role of MMS in early childhood development, and policy change toward MMS. However, there was stronger association of socioenvironmental determinants with improved cognition suggesting that programmes addressing socio-environmental determinants are essential to achieve thriving populations.

The Lancet Prado et al February 2017
  • East Asia and the Pacific
  • Research
  • Scientific publication