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Implementation Research in Pakistan: Paving the way for a successful transition to multiple micronutrient supplementation

Nutrition International, in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan, is undertaking implementation research to support the introduction of multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS) in antenatal care (ANC) and identify effective program implementation solutions. The Advancing Maternal Health through MMS Implementation Research in Pakistan (AMMI) project will not only inform the introduction of MMS but also provide useful insights to tackle broader questions related to improving adherence to maternal supplementation and ultimately advancing maternal and newborn health outcomes. The AMMI project comprises several steps: (i) establishing and working with the Pakistan Technical Working Group, (ii) determining the priority research questions using a rigorous methodology, (iii) switching over from IFA to MMS in ANC, (iv) conducting the implementation research using mixed methods, and (v) undertaking knowledge translation to support real-time decision-making. Building on the approach in Pakistan, Nutrition International is working in partnership with the Government of Nigeria to conduct a new MMS implementation research project focusing on optimizing adherence to maternal micronutrient supplementation.

Sight and Life Busch-Hallen et al. May 2023
  • South Asia
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