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 Ideal Dose of Iron in Multiple Micronutrient Supplement: A Narrative Review of Evidence

This review summarizes the evidence on using 30mg of iron in multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) in pregnancy. The available literature shows that MMS containing 30mg iron is comparable to iron-folic acid (IFA) containing 60mg iron for its effects on maternal anemia outcomes. However, the prevalence of anemia was high at the end of supplementation, and the consequence of the supplementation on iron deficiency was equivocal. Considering the high prevalence of anemia and iron deficiency in LMICs, 30mg of iron may be insufficient in pregnancy. This review suggests that a higher dose of iron in the MMS supplement than that present in the UNIMMAP preparation should be considered. Well-designed randomized controlled trials comparing 30mg and 60mg iron in MMS may be prudent to explore the ideal dose of iron in these supplements that can mitigate the high burden of anemia.

Cureus Ranjith et al. September 2022
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