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Global anaemia reduction efforts among women of reproductive age: impact, achievement of targets and the way forward for optimizing efforts

A desk review was conducted and is summarized in this document to highlight and provide references to research, guidelines, resources and tools that are relevant for anaemia reduction efforts. A “decision tree” is also included to assist countries through the process of identifying next steps in those efforts. Further, in order to obtain feedback from countries at various stages of anaemia reduction efforts, virtual interviews and an online survey were implemented. Key informant interviews were conducted among researchers and government officials in select countries with high or low success in reducing national anaemia rates among women, and these reviews were analysed. A complementary online questionnaire was shared more broadly through the WHO listserv. Results from the qualitative interviews/surveys performed for this review show that better results in anaemia reduction were obtained in countries where programmes were premised on a multisectoral approach, with involvement of all sectors working synergistically. The evidence also indicates that empowerment of women, and sensitization of the general community and of men on gender equity would contribute to better outcomes in anaemia reduction. Leadership and coordination mechanisms for anaemia reduction are required at global, regional and community level.

World Health Organization June 2020
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