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Formative Research for the Introduction of Multiple Micronutrient Supplements in Tanzania

This study aimed to assess the ethnomedical perspectives toward maternal and child nutritional health and illness and marketing of Multiple Micronutrient Supplements in the Mbeya region in Tanzania. The findings revealed inadequate knowledge and perception regarding diseases facing pregnant women, foods eaten and demonstrated several negative norms underlying foods and diseases during pregnancy. Also, low use of IFAS was mainly related to offal smell and metallic taste. Extensive education and awareness creation should be targeted towards pregnant mothers and communities to improve their knowledge about foods and diseases associated with pregnancy. Besides, the production of new MMS or IFAS, the manufacturer should consider improving its taste and smell. Promotion should consider the selected names, slogans and logos provided.

Pennsylvania State University, Sight & Life and UNICEF Elisaria et al. June 2021
  • West and Central Africa
  • Implementation
  • Report