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Anemia in Breastfeeding Women and Its Impact on Offspring’s Health in Indonesia: A Narrative Review

Anemia in breastfeeding women is a neglected global health issue with significant implications for maternal and child health. Despite its widespread occurrence and adverse effects, this problem remains largely unknown and overlooked on the global health agenda. Despite efforts to improve health access coverage and provide iron and folic acid supplementation, anemia persists. This underscores the need for a comprehensive approach to address the problem. Urgent action must be taken to prioritize education and awareness campaigns, ensure access to nutritious food, and enhance healthcare services. Education programs should focus on promoting iron-rich diets, dispelling cultural myths, and providing practical guidance. Improving healthcare services requires increasing availability, ensuring a consistent supply of iron supplements, and providing adequate training for healthcare providers. A successful implementation relies on a strong collaboration between the government, healthcare providers, and community. It is crucial that we acknowledge that high coverage alone is insufficient for solving the issue, emphasizing the importance of targeted interventions and a strategic implementation. By adopting a comprehensive approach and addressing the underlying causes of anemia, Indonesia can make significant progress in reducing its prevalence and improving the overall health of its population, particularly among breastfeeding women.

Nutrients Basrowi et al. April 2024
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