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A landscape of micronutrient status in women through the reproductive years: Insights from seven regions in Asia

This review evaluated micronutrient intakes and status (iron, folate, and vitamin B12) of women in their reproductive years and during pregnancy, along with associated health consequences and dietary causes, across seven regions in Asia, namely, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Results showed that micronutrient deficiency–related conditions, especially anemia and its associated health consequences, are common among Asian women of reproductive age. Inadequate or borderline dietary intake of micronutrients and low consumption of micronutrient supplements were evident, despite existing recommendations, food fortification, and supplementation strategies. Evaluation of current programs through nutrition monitoring and improvement of supplementation strategies, such as supplementing with multiple micronutrients, alongside food-based programs, are required to better support the health of women through their reproductive years.

Women's Health Chong et al October 2020
  • South Asia
  • Research
  • Scientific publication