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Just published! New study on the adherence and acceptability of MMS

1 May 2024 – A new study on the adherence and acceptability of multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS) among pregnant women in Cambodia by HMHB members and partners Helen Keller International and Vitamin Angels has just been published.


The study aims to assess the adherence and acceptability of iron-folic acid supplementation (IFAS) with 60 mg elemental iron and 400 μg folic acid compared to MMS with standard UNIMMAP formulation including 15 micronutrients during antenatal care in Cambodia.

The Ministry of Health in Cambodia has proposed a transition from IFA to MMS. However, effectively guiding this transition requires implementation research on the acceptability and adherence to MMS over IFA. Therefore, the findings from this study will inform an effective and feasible MMS scale-up strategy for Cambodia and will be useful globally for stakeholders planning to scale up MMS in other countries.