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Halal-certified Version of UNIMMAP MMS Launched

11 May 2021 – For nearly 20 years, our partners at Kirk Humanitarian have been committed to improving maternal and infant nutrition worldwide. Today, they announce the availability of a halal-certified UNIMMAP MMS (United Nations International Multiple Micronutrient Antenatal Preparation Multiple Micronutrient Supplements).

UNIMMAP is an established multiple micronutrient formulation for pregnant women containing 15 vitamins and minerals, including iron and folic acid in recommended dosages. Twenty years of research has provided clear evidence that MMS is more effective than iron-folic acid supplementation in supporting positive birth outcomes.

Ensuring that this safe, affordable and cost-effective supplement is now Halal-certified and hence available for use by Muslim women, is a marker of significant progress for maternal nutrition worldwide, and will lead to significantly improved pregnancy and birth outcomes. To learn more, please read this Devex article  and follow Kirk Humanitarian on LinkedIn.